Roles of members (natural persons and entities)

The Petalo Srl company will be managed by its President, Prof. Pierfrancesco Veroux. Its function will be to organize and coordinate the general aspects during the research and development processes, and during the phases of experimentation, certification and clinical trials. As President, he accepted the responsibility of participating in corporate information events and disseminating the results obtained. Furthermore, it will be responsible for the search for funding, both public and private, which will guarantee the economic and financial sustainability of the company and its projects undertaken.

The research activity that gives rise to the company is ensured thanks to the formation of a Medical / Scientific Council, composed of Professor Massimiliano Veroux and Dr. Alessia Giaquinta. Their professional experiences will allow to successfully guide the technical aspects of the activities undertaken by the development of research prototypes to experimental trials, both animal and human, addressed during the project. The main functions of the Medical / Scientific Council will be the drafting of the protocols; documentation and analysis of the results obtained during the experimentation; promotion and publication of the scientific market.

The University of Catania in addition to endure the research objectives addressed in the early stages of the project, its experience to address the new enterprises undertaken by the company constituted.

External consulting 

The regulatory and certification aspects of innovative products from Petalo will be taken care of by Ing. Elena Venturelli. Standard for the provision of requirements to standards. In particular, it will support the regulation of design processes, in compliance with the regulations in force at European level, and obtaining the CE certification. Moreover, his advice will be fundamental for the development of the activities in order to implement the project documentation.

Strategic Partners 

The Milan Veterinary University is a tool for animal experimentation of devices. Furthermore, the resources necessary for the validation on an animal model will be made available in compliance with the regulations in force, required for obtaining the CE certification.