Petalo srl is active in the biomedical sector and is dedicated to the conception, research, development, production and innovation of innovative solutions for the endovascular treatment of endoluminal defects and of the mechanical compressions of the large veins.

The company intends to develop a complete line of new generation medical devices designed to improve the outflow of venous blood to the heart.

The use of innovative technology for the use of cardiologists, vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists in the treatment of patients using stenosis – blockage – occlusion – a vein loading. Specifically, it is a permanent vascular endoluminal – implanted in a procedure that has been practiced for several decades in the treatment of steno-occlusive arteries in endovascular surgery.

The device has the power to respect the patency of the vessel in the long term while respecting the physiological conformity of the venous wall.

These characteristics, together with a high safety profile, are so peculiar that they account for a unique device compared to the products available on the market today.

The first prototypes have been studied for the treatment of large volumes with a straight course, seats of valve devices or used by mechanical compressions. In particular, the model of the internal jugular vein was used. The innovative structure of the device allows, in addition to the realization, to vary the clinical conditions. Thanks to this proprietary technology is the potential to expand its offer, starting from the first implant made for the internal jugular, to the familiar interaction of specific products for other venous districts.

Through the establishment of the company Petalo wants to enhance the originality of the research and the uniqueness of the skills and experience gained by the founding members during the exercise of their profession in Italy and abroad.


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