Professor Pierfrancesco Veroux, thanks to his thirty-year experience in the field of vascular diseases, has created a permanent endoluminal device called “Petalo”, able to restore a physiological venous outflow by correcting the anomalies of the large veins.

“Petalo” is introduced into the target vein by a simple and fast endovascular procedure and has the potential to ensure the patency of the vessel in the long term while respecting the physiological compliance of the venous wall.

Compliance with venous compliance, a feature that rests on the innovative and developmental idea of ​​“Petalo”, is undoubtedly the element of greater innovation that is in contrast with the rationale for the development of currently available venous devices.

The maintenance of the patency and compliance of the venous vessels in the long term, the suspension of the vasoactive drug therapy active after the first month from the implant, combined with a high safety profile, make “Petalo”  a unique device that will allow, among other things, the treatment of patients with long life expectancy.